Determination, foresight, agility and speed: this is what the Cleys name is all about

Determination, foresight, agility and speed: this is what the Cleys name is all about

Claw your way to the top

From the archaic English word meaning “claws”, this is the etymological origin of our brand, this is the character of a company which is constantly seeking out new challenges and opportunities for us and for our customers.

We are focused on the present, and aiming to the future with new formulations dedicated to oral hygiene, skin care, hair care and body cleansing. We transform signs into trends to offer products capable of evolving the global cosmetic market. In summary: we go straight to cosmetics.

Road to leadership


The industrial renewal translates into a new certification, Ecocert according to the Cosmos directive, and in the transformation of the brand: BBG became Cleys.


Continuous upgrading of the production process led to IFS certification.


The corporate evolution stimulated its growth and the company was awarded ISO 22716:2007 certification.


Alessandro Rombelli, Maria Luisa Meneghini and Ivan Rovelli brought together their entrepreneurial talent to revive and relaunch BBG.


The company obtained ISO 9001 certification.


In Ozzero the journey began for BBG, the historic symbol of Italian cosmetics.

A variety of skills for a unique service

The structure is flexible, efficient and tailored to the needs of those looking for a partner with whom to design and create the most suitable products for their business.


The marketing department compares the needs of the customer through in-depth analysis of the market, focusing on the distinctive features of the products and raising their competitive reach.

Research and Development

Our team of technicians are specialised in the selection of raw materials, in the search for new active ingredients and in the use of the most effective formulation techniques to achieve the required results.


We collaborate with the most important manufacturers in the packaging sector to offer our partners innovative products most in line with the positioning pursued.


Our international network of specialists offers a personalised consultancy service capable of meeting requirements and supporting our partners throughout the entire production cycle.


We guarantee an industrial capacity that combines large-scale production and respect for the highest quality standards.


Four certifications, four stages of development for a
production system dedicated to excellence.

Iso 9001

Iso 22716