Straight to cosmetics

Straight to cosmetics

Since launching in 1965, we have specialised in the creation of cosmetics and oral hygiene solutions. We have supplied and continue to satisfy the most prestigious brands in the world.

Real beauty

We are investing in business development, innovating skills and technologies. We are among the most important Italian manufacturers and a benchmark at an international level. The secret to our growth? We let ourselves be inspired every day by beauty at its most real, concrete and exciting: the future.

Innovative attitude

Innovating is about creating what has never been done before and our laboratory experts are specialised in doing precisely this. How do they do it? By evolving skills and liberating the passion for transforming needs into results.

Productive flexibility

We have invested in ourselves and today, thanks to latest-generation infrastructures and an international team, we have a powerful, flexible production capacity that is at home both in large retail outlets and in niche markets.

A wide and complete range

Those who rely on us know they can count on a partner capable of designing, implementing and customising winning solutions within the main areas of the global cosmetic market.

Certified quality

The high quality of our industrial process and the products derived from it is guaranteed by the most significant international certifications.