Cleys has adopted a Quality Management System for the Safety of cosmetic products and medical devices in compliance with international standards.

The System’s implementation and ongoing improvement make it possible to guarantee:

  • Internal efficiency.
  • A greater ability to meet the respective parties’ requirements and expectations and to guarantee the safety of cosmetic products and medical devices in consideration of consumer protection.
  • The correct management of corporate environmental aspects and impact, risks in the area of worker health and safety, and risks regarding infrastructure and plant.

Cleys’ efficacy and efficiency are based on:

  • The capability of analysing customers’ explicit and implicit expectations, in order to identify a product that meets their requirements, in compliance with the relevant standards.
  • High flexibility in order to proactively respond to demand from customers and the market.
  • High standards of technical expertise and manufacturing capacity, in its status as a partner capable of ensuring high production volumes in a market based on small and medium-sized companies.
  • A management system focusing on product risk analysis and the corresponding mitigation measures, determining a constant commitment to the application of good manufacturing practice at all levels of the organisation, in compliance with the requisites expected by customers using cosmetics and medical devices.

The high quality of our industrial process and the products derived from it is guaranteed by the most significant international certifications.


Here at Cleys, we have begun the important and necessary journey towards Corporate Sustainability.
We have chosen to reduce our environmental impact by equipping the company with managerial and organisational assets that will guarantee a reduction in emissions, waste and pollution.

We will be focusing on energy efficiency during the production cycle, carbon neutrality, ISO 140001 environmental certification and a reduction in the internal use of plastic.
We will support our clients in the development and production of sustainable products thanks to our capacity to propose the most suitable packaging and formulas.


Each certification is a stage in the development of a production system that aims for excellence.

ISO 9001

ISO 14001

ISO 22716

ISO 13485



ISO 14021